Our Story

Like many, my first acupuncture treatment was profoundly relaxing and, well... just plain profound. I was 23 and was struggling with endometriosis, acne, stress, insomnia, achy legs and feet, bouts of dizziness, migraines, digestive problems and a general sense of unease within my body. During my first acupuncture treatment I was really blown away by the experience. My body had never felt so relaxed, so at ease and so good. Almost instantaneously the leg discomfort disappeared and so did the dizziness. One, two, three, four days later, I was still feeling better than ever! I felt calmer, less stressed and more at ease in my body. I hadn't realized just how good I could feel. Needless to say, I was hooked (in a good way) on acupuncture.

When I added Chinese herbal medicine to my treatments I was again amazed by their power and effectiveness. Chinese herbs worked on a different level, in a different way than acupuncture, but they were incredibly effective. Over the course of the next several years acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine helped me manage my menstrual pain, avoid surgery, start sleeping better, eliminate my digestive problems, eliminate my acne, reduce the frequency and intensity of my migraines and generally feel calmer, more optimistic and less "stuck" in my life. I felt empowered that there was a way to treat the health problems I was struggling with and for which conventional medicine had little to offer.

Prior to this experience, I spent many years informally learning and working with western herbs with comparatively minimal results. I was chasing symptoms, using one herb for each problem, much in the same way that pharmaceuticals are prescribed for symptoms. I eventually learned that the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine is in its diagnostic system. Rather than chasing individual symptoms, Chinese Medicine had a way to see, name and treat the root imbalance for each person, thereby addressing all health problems at once within an individual, both effectively and holistically. I loved how good acupuncture made me feel but I was equally if not more astounded by how quickly and profoundly the Chinese herbs worked. I developed a deep awe and gratitude for Chinese Medicine and the thousands of years of knowledge that created such a sophisticated and effective form of medicine. I knew that one day I wanted to pay it forward and be able to help others with Chinese Medicine as much as it had helped me. Not only was I free of medications, I was feeling so good that it made it easier to make the healthy changes in my life that I had been wanting to make.

So ten years later, the moment seemed right. Having spent my life studying mind body arts (like yoga & qigong), dance, Buddhism, botany, ecology and sustainable agriculture, a formal study of Chinese Medicine was a perfect cumulation of my life passion for science, holistic theory and mind body balance. I was accepted into the Master’s degree program at New England School of Acupuncture in Watertown, MA.

In the third year, of this rigorous 3 to 4 year program, I met my husband, Bhaird, who was a fellow classmate. Bhaird decided to study Chinese Medicine after acupuncture successfully treated him for frequent colds while teaching English to grade school children in Japan. He taught over 1200 students at 8 schools, and struggled with frequent colds and flus as a result. Conventional medicine provided only temporary relief, but upon the suggestion of a friend, Bhaird started treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and his colds were soon a thing of the past. Prior to teaching in Japan, Bhaird worked as a paramedic and was considering a career as a medical doctor. He spent a lot of time working in hospitals and observing conventional medical treatments for trauma and disease. Although he had great respect for conventional medicine, he was drawn to the simplicity and effectiveness of Chinese Medicine, along with its absence of serious side effects. This actualization of the “first do no harm” tenet of medicine, together with his life long interest in Asian culture and martial arts, led Bhaird to the study and practice of Chinese Medicine. For Bhaird, Chinese Medicine was the perfect combination of his love for Asian culture and a practical way to continue his desire to help and aid others.

Bhaird and I became study partners, canoeing and kayaking partners, business partners and then life partners. We lived and breathed the holistic wisdom that Chinese Medicine taught us and applied it to our lives in order to get healthy and stay healthy. We graduated together in 2006 and opened Concord Center Acupuncture in 2007 as our way to share with the community this amazing form of medicine and the knowledge for creating a pain free, healthy and natural life.

Bhaird and I welcomed our daughter, Mai Elizabeth, into the world in 2011. We used acupuncture and herbal medicine to help with pregnancy, postpartum and infant challenges. Gratefully our daughter is happy and healthy and is always teaching us and reminding us of the wisdom and miracle of life. She most certainly seems to know more than we do!

We stay healthy by cooking all our own meals using fresh, unprocessed, organic and non-GMO ingredients. We follow the dietary principles of Chinese medicine, eating a diversity of fresh and unprocessed foods and supplementing or eliminating certain foods in order to help balance each of our individual constitutions. We stretch and exercise gently, enjoy moderate sunshine and fresh air and use acupuncture for stress reduction. When my family or I do get sick, we use acupuncture and herbs to get better quickly and avoid complications. Although our lifestyle is not always perfectly healthy (we are human too, like you!), I am repeatedly amazed at how quickly our family recovers from illness compared to those around us that are not using acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition for health.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is how we keep our selves and our family healthy. We are grateful for the privilege and honor to practice such a profound and effective form of natural medicine. Our mission is to pass our knowledge onto you and help you get healthy and stay healthy, naturally. We want to give you the knowledge and inspiration to live a healthy life and reach your full potential. In this day and age of surgeries, medial specialists, pharmaceuticals, diet fads and aisles of supplements we look forward to sharing the proven and time-tested wisdom of Chinese Medicine and how it can keep you and your family healthy too!